About Us

Be crazy for freedom,
be crazy for cool riding,be crazy for ECO.

Cityrover started

We wanna more interaction with end user,wanna hear more about their real feedback and suggestion,wanna know more their real request about our e-scooters.We wanna know about about our e-scooters more and better,both good and bad aspects.Wanna improve and optimized our electric scooter with our every our user,we wanna be proud of what we make together. And we also wanna be more and more well know by the world,and advocate convenient , cool,ECO-friendly riding life by our e-scooter.

About E-scooter

E-scooter, also got some other name like electric (kick scooter, kick bike,push scooter,electrique trottinette),has start be popular as urban first and last mile solution.And has become one of favorite cool stuff for the young.

And we talk about electric scooter, then we can’t miss out Everyday Autoped(ALso called Krupp Roller) as the first motorized scooter in the world, made by Autoped Company, Krupp in 1915.As the ancestor of electric scooter, although it still got a lot difference with today’s e-scooter in details,while it it’s already very similar.I also got some pictures about Everyday Autoped to show here

Autoped starts from 1915 and end in 1922, like a flash in the pan for some reason. And seems the scooter keep silent and be forgotten.

In around 2000 years, some manufacturer start to make it again. Make it more and more popular. In recent years,more and more manufacturer see it’s potential market demand and and share, so they also start to make and market e-scooter, some even focus on it, like us YJC Industrial, what interesting is that,most of electric scooter maker are from China, now think China make and outlet 75% of electric scooters in the world.

Up to now, the the electric scooter technology is also more and more mature.And the electric scooter are become more lightweight and portable,at the same the time,the scooter got good mileage range.And it become more and more popular among young consumer.

While no matter how the scooter is well developed,we still should pay a lot respect to Everyday Autoped. No matter as as maker or user of e-scooter, we should thank Autoped,

And remember it.