Working Principle

Q: How it works?

A: Step one of your foot on the scooter deck, then press accelerator with your right thumb to start your scooter, after that put another foot on the deck.When you try to slow down or stop, press EBS brake with your left thumb,and use footbrake for sudden stop if necessary.

Q: Is it easy to learn riding?

A: Yes, it’s pretty easy to learn,easier to learn hoverboard and bike, just take 2 or 3 minutes to master riding skills.And since it’s controlled by hand, so it’s more safe to ride a self-balance scooter.

Q: Do I need any certification/license to ride Cityrover S5 ?

A: You do not need any certification or license to ride Cityrover S5 scooter. You can use it everywhere you can ride a bike or a skateboard.

Q: Can I ride my Cityrover S5 in every weather condition?

A: We don’t suggest to ride the scooter in rainy weather,,although it’s with IP54 level.Remember safety always comes first,and Always take your safety precautions for a smooth ride.

Q: Is my Cityrover S5 waterproof?

A: The IP lever of Cityrover S5 is IP54.

Q: Can I ride uphill / downhill?

A: Cityrover S5 can climb up to 20 degrees of slopes and climb down in a controlled manner using rear backup footbrake and EBS electronic braking system.

Q: Do I need to fully charge my Cityrover S5 before every ride?

A: You do not need to fully charge your Cityrover S5 before every ride. Yet, it would be better to check battery status before every ride and charge your Cityrover S5 considering the distance you will go.

Q:Do I need to charge the battery when I receive the City Rover S5 scooter?

A: Yes,you need to. You can charge it fully before riding it,because the battery itself still got some minor discharge,although we test and charge each scooter fully before we make shipment.


Q: Do you ship worldwide and what is the shipping costs?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide, but also there are some places we can not reach. You may ask our customer sevice if you are not sure.

Q: How can I change my shipping address?

A: In order to change your shipping address or any other contact information, you can contact us via email or phone. Please do all necessary changes at least 48 hours before your electric scooter is scheduled to ship. We will make the changes for you.

Q: When will you ship, if i order today?

A: We will ship your electric scooter within 3-5 days of the day you order!

Q: What's the current shipping time?(From the shipped date by Logistics company)

A: United States: Approximately (10)days
Canada:Approximately (10)days
(Since near Black Friday and Christmas,It's the busy season for the Logistics company,so the shipping time might be a little later )

Q: Will i receive a tracking number?

A: Yes! we'll fill in the tracking number through your order after the Cityrover S5 is shipped.
Please note that the tracking time stated on your tracking number might be not accurate, as we are utilizing a special shipping method. (The status would be updated till the package arrived in your country,while no worry )

Q: Do I need to pay for tax?

A: No! You don’t. The tax is included in the shipping fee.

Return or Order Cancellation

Q: What is your return policy?

A: For return policy, Please check Return Policy to learn more details

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: In order to cancel your order, you can contact us via email or phone. Please inform us if ou would like to cancel your order at least 48 hours before your electric scooter is scheduled to ship


Q: Can I ride Cityrover S5 on sidewalks?

A: Cityrover S5 can handle all urban terrains smoothly, but it is important to check your speed on sidewalks,your local laws/regulations. Always remember to take precautions against every changing conditions. A polite smile,slow down would be a nice way to introduce your Cityrover S5 to pedestrians.

Q: Can I carry my Cityrover S5 easily or does it fit to my car trunk?

A: City Rover is lightweight for easy carrying, and compact enough to fit in your car trunk. So it’s up to you.

Q: What regular maintenance should I do to my Cityrover S5 ?

A: Some regular maintenance are necessary to keep your Cityrover S5 in good condition,and make it with longer life span. For the specific method,Please refer the user manual,or contact our technician.

Q: I have a few questions and would like to gather more information. Can I call Cityrover

A: You can call us for any support. We would be happy to hearing from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Can I use my charger in any country?

A: We shall send the charger plug as per your country (in address), if you need other charger plug, pls contact with CityRover customer in advance.

Price & Promotion

Q: How do you make such a great product at such a good price?

A: 1,Factory to user outlet
2,Low margin marketing strategy to promote Cityrover brand.
3,Cityrover loves e-scooter and ECO so much, and care more about product it self,and ECO responsibility to Society
4,At last:To share our store link to SNS,introduce to your friend,or attend our festival activity can get extra coupon to get discount.


Q: Want to be a Cityrover retailer/distributor?

A: For further business cooperation,please contact Miss Jenny Xie for further discussion,we would love to expand Cityrover together with you.