Warranty Policy

Three months for any defects in the manufacturing and workship of the product.

  • - CityRover will ship new parts for free to customers and technician instruction video to replace the parts, but shipping fee will be collected.
  • - You can buy all parts in my shop, and we also provide 3 months warranty.
  • - For parts that are not yet in the store, you can contact me for purchase.
  • - This limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear Motors,rear brake,,water damage,artificail damage.
  • - Any cutomization or alterations to the scooter,merchanical parts , or electronics will avoid your warranty and likely cause the scooter to be completely inoperable, so alter at your own risk.

CityRover gives no warranty regarding the life of the batteries used in its products. Actual battery life may vary depending on a number of factors, including the configuration and usage of a product.